Chang Deok Palace and Garden

As Lane and I are finishing up our last weeks here in Seoul we have been cramming in many sights and activities.  One that I’m glad we didn’t miss is this palace.  It’s a bit more set apart from the city than the other palaces and has a large “garden” though it seems to be much more forest than garden.  Like the other palaces it has some great traditional Korean architecture.  It was also destroyed in the Japanese invasion like the other palaces and rebuilt in the 19th century.  Unfortunately you have to take a guided tour through the garden and cannot wander freely.  This palace is also home to trees up to 750 years old.  Going at the beginning of fall was great because of the perfect temperature and the fall colors in the trees.  Here are some photos.

I love the colors and patterns in traditional Korean architecture. If I ever build my own house it will be included.

The main hall. Used for political matters.

Entryways, gates, and doors are the most elaborate and beautiful to me.

the roofing tiles. very cool. Koreans like to put roofs on everything (traditionally)

such a peaceful place

can I live here? So cute

a taste of the cool trees.

one of several waterside buildings/ gazebos in the garden



and another gazebo. i wish we were aloud to just relax on them.

I want one of these trees in my yard. I believe it is a Japanese Maple.

and finally the 750 year old Juniper. It needed assistance keeping itself off the ground. Can you blame it?


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