We finally developed the pictures from our waterproof camera, and so I’m now able to blog about it. The Boryeong mud festival is held at Daecheon Beach, about a 3 hour trip from Seoul. It attracts a lot of foreigners. Especially American Military folks from Seoul. Since foreigners can get a bit out of hand we tried to avoid the crowd of foreigners and went to the Festival on a Thursday night/ Friday day. We had a great 2.5 hour train ride and enjoyed some Tetris and the company of our friends Bonnie and Andrew.

Tetris on the train

We chilled on the beach Thursday night after finding our lodging- a one room “ondol” style place. Basically you sleep on the heated floor with a mattress pad, blanket, and pillow. Of course, since it was summer, we didn’t have the floor heated, but we did have air conditioning. Good for a cheap night’s sleep.

We had nice weather Thursday night with a lovely sea breeze. We found the area for the festival, but nothing seemed to be happening that night.  So we chatted, drank, lit a few fireworks, and generally played around.

beach breeze, ahhhhh


View down the beach from our wooden platform thingy.

The next day we put our junk in a locker and headed for the mud. It was overcast and drizzled a bit, but that’s no big deal when you are going to cover yourself in mud anyway! Unfortunately, by about 3 in the afternoon, we were in the midst of a MAJOR storm. Sideways rain, thunder, lightning, wind, huge waves, the whole works. Though a little bit scary, we made a plan, got dry and changed and enjoyed coffee and dinner before heading back. A good time with friends, but not the crazy, muddy time we were expecting.

Bonnie getting painted.

Yep, we're colorful and muddy!

Lane and Andrew mud-wrestling. Lane lost, but barely!

Mud Prison, you get mud splashed pretty violently on to you. Good times.

Unfortunately our waterproof camera got pretty foggy by this point. This is Lane, Bonnie, and Anrew dancing in the rain.

This shot was taken while we cowered in fear under the locker tent and tried to make a plan for getting out of there.


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