Gyeongbokgung Palace

This Friday Lane and I got the chance to be tourists again.  We had beautiful mid 70’s weather  and clear blue skies.  A perfect day to tour the largest palace in Korea.  Gyeongbokgung was built by the Joseon rulers in the early 1400s(I think).  It was destroyed during the Japanese invasion (1592-98) and stayed that way until it was rebuilt starting in 1863.  The rebuilding and restoration is still in progress.  It’s absolutely beautiful and very big.  Actors dress in the clothing worn by palace guards and still carry on a kind of changing of the guards every so often.  They also have actors dress as the king and queen and do a daily walk through the palace grounds.  Of course many people take pictures with the guards.  I waited too long and the guards were gone when I wanted my picture 😦

cool guards

There were two gates and each gate had a set of guards. This is at the second gate.

The royal walk

The palace consisted of many buildings.  The outer buildings were used for governance, the inner buildings for living, and the rear buildings and gardens for relaxation and entertainment.  There were also large courtyards for each group of buildings.  The colors, architecture and design were so beautiful.  They also had two buildings surrounded by water.  Absolutely beautiful.

aren't we cute 🙂 The building is cool too.

I want this to be my bedroom. A girl can dream right?

Wall area surrounding the main courtyard.

The ceiling of one of the main governance buildings. gold dragons!

The ceiling of a building that hasn't been restored. As you can see the colors are not as vibrant.

Too see all of the photos from this little trip you can go here :


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