a few funny things

Three things I saw on Sunday that I thought were funny and worth sharing.  The first is quite common here.  It’s called couple’s shirts (or pants, shoes, coats, etc)  Basically it’s a couple dressing alike in public.  I’m still trying to convince Lane.  He doesn’t seem interested.

couple's shirts

The next two I found in the bathroom of the subway station. One is a button you can press and loud water sounds come out of the speaker.  It seemed less effective as a way to induce urination and more effective as a way to cover up unpleasant bathroom noises.  That’s just my take though.  There is also the button to call the subway attendant, from INSIDE the stall.  How handy if you run out of TP! 🙂


"tissue opsoyo!"(There isn't any TP!)


Cherry Blossom Festival

It’s cherry blossom season in Seoul.  The trees are in full bloom and everyone is out to see them.  Lane and I went to the last day of a festival at Yeouido park, just south of the river.  They block off the road and let people walk this long line of trees for like 2 weeks.  The trees have been a bit behind this year, but they finally came into bloom.  Unfortunately it wasn’t super sunny, but the temperature was nice.  We are also seeing trees in bloom all over the city.  It’s a really nice change from the long, cold, white winter.  Spring is here!

The line of trees as we approached.

a roof of blossoms

They lit up the trees after dark. So pretty!

looking across the han river.


Since returning from the Philippines I have discovered a new obsession.  In fact my inability to resist this obsession makes it a little scary.  But since it’s what I’ve been spending a lot of time doing, I figured I should share about it here.  I lovingly refer to this addiction as “My Stories.”  I learned from friends here at SEV about a website called mysoju.com.  This website posts many Korean, Japanese, and other country’s television shows and movies with English subtitles.  I then heard about a show that aired here in December of 2008 called “Boys Before Flowers”  This show was immensely popular so I thought I would check it out.  I LOVED it.  I became really attached to the characters and actually thought about the characters and show when I wasn’t watching.  Like I said, a little bit scary.  Since then I have watched a semi-reality show called “We Got Married” in which celebrities are paired up and live together once a week as a married couple.  Also surprisingly entertaining.  I’ve been trying to think about why I like these shows so much.  If these type shows were on in the US I know that I wouldn’t have been interested in them at all.  As I tried to imagine the US versions of these dramas and reality shows I realized one huge difference.  The Korean shows are much more innocent.  Characters rarely even kiss and sex scenes are nowhere to be found.  Because of this there is more focus on relationships, family, and romance.  Imagine the OC, or 90210 without all the sex…. just drama.  I really appreciated this aspect of the Korean shows.  I can’t say that this is true for all Korean television, but it is true for all the shows that I have seen thus far.

My favorite show "Boys Before Flowers"

Along with the entertainment aspect I was able to learn a few things about Korean culture (keeping in mind that this is a television show and therefore not completely reflective of Korean normal life)  I learned a few Korean words as well.  So if your interested in watching a show or two check out the website and let me know what you think.  I, of course, highly recommend “Boys before Flowers”


"Your Beautiful"

"We Got Married" one of the same actors from Boys Before Flowers was on this show first.

"Birth of the Rich" A show Lane and I are watching together