We took a hike up the mountain behind SEV a like three weeks ago.  Before the major snow fall.  We didn’t go the whole way up, but it was a good hike and we were able to see SEV from a lookout point.  It was amazing to see older Koreans stopping at these outdoor gyms along the trail to get some extra exercise.  As if hiking up a mountain isn’t enough for them.  We also had to let them pass us as we were going too slow.  Here are some photos.

The Budhist temple we passed at the trail head. Please note that the swastika is common on budhist buildings and cerimonies, and was long before Nazi Germany. I believe it symbolizes the sun or something. Not really sure. But a beautiful building!

Th map of the different trails.

we live there.

about an inch below lane’s finger is the small tan group of buildings we call home.

the top...kind of.

oh yeah.

nice views

We’re so glad to have this in our own backyard.  Now hopefully it will warm up real soon so we can do it more often.


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  1. […] We were also Lucky enough to have a national park in our backyard and trail heads a 5 min. walk away.  To see about our first hike up part of this mountain, you can see a previous post: https://heartnseoul.wordpress.com/2010/01/18/hike/ […]

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