Lane’s Birthday

It’s been a while since we’ve had an entry.  It seems the longer we’re here, the more everything feels “normal” and not worthy of being written about.  But I intend to keep this blog up to date.  Recently Lane celebrated his 27th birthday.  We had a great meal at an indian restaurant with many friends, including one who was also celebrating a birthday.  After dinner we continued with drinks and good conversation at a bar across the street.  THey had this huge wooden table with a fun shape and specialized in dark beer…so of course we all got pitchers of Cass, or Hite, I’m not sure. (Cass and Hite are the two most common Korean beers, They would be comparable to bud, miller, PBR, etc.)  Because Lane wasn’t feeling 100% we called it a night and headed home.  Here are some photos.

Brent and I made special birthday crowns for the special people.

Indian food dinner. Soo yummy.

The bar- blurry Austin, Lane and Jay.

deep in conversation. Leo, Georgia, and Brent.

Lane and Kara's brithday cake. Several days after the birthday. The bakery threw in the hat, candles, and two popper/streamer things.



We took a hike up the mountain behind SEV a like three weeks ago.  Before the major snow fall.  We didn’t go the whole way up, but it was a good hike and we were able to see SEV from a lookout point.  It was amazing to see older Koreans stopping at these outdoor gyms along the trail to get some extra exercise.  As if hiking up a mountain isn’t enough for them.  We also had to let them pass us as we were going too slow.  Here are some photos.

The Budhist temple we passed at the trail head. Please note that the swastika is common on budhist buildings and cerimonies, and was long before Nazi Germany. I believe it symbolizes the sun or something. Not really sure. But a beautiful building!

Th map of the different trails.

we live there.

about an inch below lane’s finger is the small tan group of buildings we call home.

the top...kind of.

oh yeah.

nice views

We’re so glad to have this in our own backyard.  Now hopefully it will warm up real soon so we can do it more often.

Ringing in 2010 in Seoul

Since Lane and I had to work the next day at 9am, we decided it would be best if we celebrated the New Year close to home.  We started our evening with dinner for two.  We both wanted to try Sam Gyop Sal (very fatty meat over the grill with all the fixins)  We didn’t like it as much at we thought we would, but a good experience non the less.

me taking care of the grilling 🙂 Like most restaurants here I'm sitting on a pillow on the heated floor. Shoes are by the door.

up close

After a filling meal, we went to Yung Wha Kim’s (a very close restaurant where the owner is super friendly and sweet).  Here we met up with a few SEV friends.

Yung Wha Kim's

She, her husband, and daughter were preparing Mondu for the following day.  It was a spicier, kimchi kind of Mondu that she said was traditional for New Years Day.  She was kind enough to give us some and I got a photo of her daughter preparing them.

Mondu preparation (Mondu is basically a dumpling)

After that we went to a local restaurant called Penelope’s and met most of the SEV staff.  I have no photos of that.  Then we continued the night at another bar.  It was empty when we got there, so we just took the place over.  They were playing western music, the staff was really nice, and they even let me open my own bottle of champagne at midnight.  I also loved that they still had their Halloween decorations up along with the Christmas ones.  Here is a photo collage.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

darts, drinking, dancing, and decorations.  Can you ask for more?